Spirit – Loyalty, Filial Piety, Propriety, Justice
Mind – Courage, Judgement, Respect, Temperance
Body – Power, Speed, Balance, Sweat

Training attitude

  1. Keep in mind that the correct way of handling the sword is a part of my life.
  2. Have a mindset that every little thing is important.
  3. While practicing, have a clear vision, a broad mind and a prudent body.
  4. Before drawing a sword, get rid of your false mind.
  5. Open your mind and do your best for every little movement.
  6. Have good consideration for other trainees while practicing in the dojang.
  7. Have deep respect towards the Master and follow his/her direction earnestly.
  8. The sword is to be respected as if it is a part of myself.
  9. Control myself and never break the basic martial art rules and discipline.
  10. Always be aware of nature and cherish all living creatures.