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UK Head Instructor Master Harry Limer holds UKHGA seminar in Leicester

Cheong Yong Dojang headed by Sabum Nim Becky Jones hosted UK Head Instructor Harry Limer and members of the Hwang Yong Dojang for a three hour Seminar on Saturday 20 May 2017 in Leicester.

The seminar was open to all and Master Limer took experienced students and new beginners though various aspects of the Haidong Gumdo® syllabus with the main focus being on anjeongum training.

An insight into the basics of Haidong Gumdo® philosophy as taught by Head Master Han was also covered.

Master Limer said, “It was great to see new members having a go and throwing their all into it. Haidong is harder than it looks and students certainly felt this through Kima-se and So-de-se.”

Sabum nim added, “We were so fortunate to have the Headmaster of the UK, Master Harry Limer, came up to Leicester for a three-hour seminar, the first in our young school’s history. Cheong Yong is still growing and this seminar was a great opportunity to introduce Haidong Gumdo® to newcomers. We welcomed six of these newcomers, four of which are members of the Leicester University Taekwon-Do club. We hope to see these new faces around the dojang more often now, and look forward to the next chance we have to come together with Hwang Yong School.”

After the seminar students continued their training with Korean cuisine with a visit to the ONG GI restaurant. The food was amazing with many new dishes being sampled.


감사합니다 – Kam-sa-ham-ni-da Cheong Yong!