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UKHGA shines at Euro Mulimpia 2016

This weekend has been an amazing success for both UK Hwang Yong and Hyun Mu dojangs, and the UKHGA in general. We entered this competition as newcomers and had no idea what to expect, when flying over we were discussing the weekend and agreed that if we got one bronze medal, we would be successful …

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Danish Introductory Seminar

This weekend saw the UKs Head Instructor head off to support Master Tung and Master Lee at the 1st Danish Haidong Gumdo® Seminar. The seminar consisted of 7 hours hard training  headed by Master Lee, European Tecnical Director. A range of subjects from Basic movements, KyukGum, Paper Cutting, Candle snuffing and Gumbub were covered throughout …

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Hyun Mu Dojang formally recognised!

Head Instructor Harry Limer of the UKHGA had the honour of presenting Instructor Kino Alvarez with his Instructors and Dojang Certificate for the Hyun Mu Dojang located in Edinburgh, Scotland. The presentation took place in front of students from the Hwang Yong Dojang who had the pleasure of training with Instructor Alvarez this weekend. The …

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