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Instructor Kino and Hyun Mu perspective of UK Seminar.

Last weekend, during a very special event that took place in Edinburgh, we witnessed British Haidong Gumdo® history being made.

For the first time, three different clubs met and shared their martial experience, their effort and their dedication during the first United Kingdom Haidong Gumdo® Association National Seminar.

The event, spread along two intense days, started with a very successful training, in which Head Instructor Harry Limer guided us through numerous techniques and patterns focused on perfecting the martial skills of both students and instructors and polishing technical aspects.

Most of the students also had the immense honour of being able to undertake a keub grading, leaded by Master Limer, who was assisted by Instructor Gildersleeve, Instructor Jones, Instructor Kauranen and myself, Instructor Álvarez. The results were better than expected, and all instructors concluded that, despite the slight technical differences and details to improve, the technical level throughout the association follows a good trajectory.

We are simply at the beginning of a long road, a path that, with the help and vision of instructors and students, we will travel with more and more confidence and determination. The history of Haidong Gumdo® in the United Kingdom has only just begun.
To the whole Association, Head Instructor Harry, Instructors Gildersleeve, Jones and Kauranen, each and every one of the students who attended the event, those who could not attend, their families and friends who support them: thank you very much from all my heart.
Kino Álvarez, Hyun Mu Dojang