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Holly and Owen start their Haidong Gumdo® Journey.

Hwang Yong is proud to see younger members, Holly and Owen Lloyd-Cowley, begin to flourish as they develop their Haidong skills. It hasn’t been long since they started their journey and already they can see for themselves the benefits Haidong Gumdo® has to offer. Their enthusiasm is a credit to their character and serves them well for future success in all areas of life.

The one thing that is most noticeable at Hwang Yong Dojang is the number of family members that train together. From entire families to parent and child. This is something UK Inst Harry Limer is most proud of. It really does mean something when in today’s modern society families are often split by work and technology. It is marvellous to see students working as individuals and then pull together as families to have a common purpose of well being.

There is a sense of accomplishment when as an instructor you start to feel you are making a difference. This is what Owen had to say, “My Name is Owen I am 12 and I go to Haidong with the Hwang Yong Dojang in Cheltenham with Master Limer. I have Alopecia so Haidong gives me more confidence. I feel like it helps me to channel my energy into the sword. And it makes me feel stronger and focused. I have made some really good friendships since I started with my Mum, dad and sister last year. One day If I get really good I hope to be a black belt, the ultimate Jedi. But mostly become a really good teacher.”

Holly added, “Haidong Gumdo® is fun and gives me something to work towards. There are only three clubs in the UK which makes me even prouder to be apart of Haidong I am really hoping that we can go to Mulimpia next year and represent the UK. It keeps me really fit and focused, I like the swoosh of the sword. We have been with the club for almost a year. I train with my Mum and Dad and brother. And I think it gives me really good skills to defend myself. Haidong!”

Here are a few great photo’s from the Lloyd-Cowley’s training with nature capturing the spirit of Haidong Gumdo®.


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