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UKHGA shines at Euro Mulimpia 2016

This weekend has been an amazing success for both UK Hwang Yong and Hyun Mu dojangs, and the UKHGA in general. We entered this competition as newcomers and had no idea what to expect, when flying over we were discussing the weekend and agreed that if we got one bronze medal, we would be successful and could come away happy with an award at our first Mulimpia.

After collating the medal tally this morning I am very pleased to announce that the team took 7 gold, 9 silver and 12 bronze medals in total, which is truly phenomenal considering that not only was this our first ever Haidong Gumdo® competition but the art is still quite new to the UK, whereas it has been more prevalent around the world for a number of years.

We made a real impact at Mulimpia and as far as I can tell we not only surprised ourselves but also the other countries participating in the competition, we were approached by several students and instructors throughout the day who congratulated us on our success and celebrated with us as we joined the rest of the world as one Haidong family.

This was also an eye-opener for myself and I think most if not all of the team, the family-inspired ideals of Haidong Gumdo® as an art are something which sets an example of what martial arts are all about. Every student has a different story and background, different abilities and specialities yet, as can be seen in the event photos, when we are in that hall we train the same, compete the same and wear the same dobok, regardless of country, school or instructor.

The UK Hwang Yong school has also developed a much stronger relationship with Hyun Mu, despite the vast physical distance between dojangs. I believe it is because of this strength and solidarity in the UKHGA that we have been able to achieve what we have this weekend and that this is the first of many successes together.

To them, and to all other competitors, instructors and masters who made us feel welcome in Köln and on the world Haidong Gumdo® stage, Kam Sa Ham Ni Da!